Ausdance National announces its closure

The closure of Ausdance National this year comes at a time when the dance sector and BlakDance is preparing for the National Dance Forum and discussions addressing the future of dance in Australia. The BlakDance Board, staff (past and present) and Cultural Council members wish to acknowledge the central role Ausdance National played in the formation of Creating Pathways in 2005. Ausdance National supported the development of BlakDance as it emerged following the consultations and activities of our sector leaders as a result of Creating Pathways.

“The profiling, production and presence of Australia’s Indigenous dance artists both nationally and internationally has been forged through partnerships, gatherings and the sharing of knowledge between artists. Ausdance National supported the founding and empowerment of BlakDance and the sector at large,” said Marilyn Miller, founder and current Cultural Council Chair of BlakDance.

“We acknowledge Julie Dyson AM in her role leading Ausdance National for many years, advocating on behalf of the sector, for safe dance and dance education.”

BlakDance understands that the state Ausdance offices are in operation, collaborating to service the sector. BlakDance will participate in the National Dance Forum discussions about the future of the sector.