For over a decade, BlakDance has consistently delivered generative and transformative sector events and has contributed significantly to the development of the small to medium Indigenous dance sector.

BlakDance prioritises independent artists and emerging small to medium companies.

BlakDance works nationally and has a dedicated multiyear program.


In 2017, BlakDance worked collaboratively with the Board Directors, Terri Janke and the Elders and Peers of BlakDance to discuss cultural governance;

At the October 17 Cultural Governance Workshop (with the Directors of the BlakDance Board, members of the BlakDance Elders group and the BlakDance Peers group in Redfern NSW);

For this BlakDance meeting Terri Janke and her company was invited to assist the company with discussion about cultural governance.

The BlakDance Board, Elders, Peers and Management affirmed that BlakDance wants cultural governance to be a strong foundation for the organisation and its business and that Indigenous culture and practice i.e. lore/law is demonstrably embedded in the foundations of the governance of the organisation.

BlakDance Cultural Council members are expected to be responsible for the cultural governance of BlakDance in the same way that the BlakDance Board of Directors are responsible for the financial and corporate governance.




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