Support for our artists

Back in 2005 Marilyn Miller, founder of BlakDance, initiated the national meeting in Canberra where over 50 Indigenous dancers discussed the lack of opportunities to showcase talents and the sense of isolation experienced when working. Since then, BlakDance has mentored six trailblazing choreographers and dancers. The personal stories of Gary Lang, Vicki Van Hout, Djakapurra Munyarryun, Dujon Niue, Gail Mabo and Rita Pryce demonstrate the diverse paths our dancers tread to success.

With more than 200 Indigenous cultural dance groups and at least 100,000 practising cultural dancers in Australia, this renaissance for Indigenous dance should be warmly embraced by industry, audiences and dancers.

In 2012 BlakDance continued to support mid career choreographers including Marilyn Miller (QLD), Jacob Boehme (VIC), Tammi Gisselle (NSW), Rita Pryce (QLD), Vicki Van Hout (NSW) to attend APAM Australian Performing Arts Market 2012.

More recently in 2013 BlakDance has continued strategic support with Jacob Boehme, Tami Giselle, Rita Pryce and Gary Lang who participated in an intensive preparatory market development skills program. During Dance Massive they showcased at ‘Beat of the Nation’ in front of a 200+ delegation of national and international presenters.

BlakDance has proudly supported the following practitioners:
Gary Lang, Vicki Van Hout, Djakapurra Munyarryun, Dujon Niue, Gail Mabo, Rita Pryce, Albert David, Jacob Boehme, Cathy Livermore, Tammi Gissell, Ojeya Cruz Banks, Rita Pryce, Jack Gray, Tyrel Dulvarie, Kenny Johnson, Smilar Sinak, Hannah Scanlon, Kiera Ah See, Beau Dean Smith, Nathan Leslie, Nicola Sabatino, George Dow, Arthur Gisu, Patrick Vandenbroek, Peggy Misi, Mariaa Randall, Katina Olsen, Cody Raymond, Pearl Thompson, Laura Andrews, Litia Anu, William Ward, Ann Maree Long, Tahlia Burchill