Performing Country; Self determined First People’s community development and reciprocal exchange of knowledge and collaboration with performing arts presenters.

These BlakDance Goals inform all our projects:


Seeding emerging and mid-career 

Flourishing by advocating and promoting activities in our communities 

Gathering through forums and showcasing events

Hosting and bringing local and international artists and communities to participate in cultural exchange

Touring and supporting contemporary dance to reach the world stage

Connecting communities, artists and buyers


We incorporate these goals in the planning of our yearly programming. Our 5-point planning circle enables us to work with our communities to identify why Blakdance exists with what priority at what time:


Perform: Blakdance exists first of all to lay the tracks for our mob to perform

Produce: Blakdance exists to produce small and large works and events

Catch: Blakdance exists to catch live dance, interviews and yearns ready to share back to our community

Keep: Blakdance exists to keep the catch of our sector and archive, communicate and showcase it in digital, print and web form

Grow: Blakdance exists to grow the sector; to reflect on our actions, remain respectful to our principles, connect with markets and help others do the same

Over the next four years BlakDance’s programs will feature two focus areas including: 

▪       Strengthening our dance communities – through capacity building programs and networking. 

▪       Enhancing the visibility and mobility of our dance communities – through connecting our communities with the buyers.  

Our program 2017-2020 will be informed by the National Action Plan for Indigenous Dance in Australia developed during the National Indigenous Dance Forum 5-7 May 2017

1.     Producer Development 

2.     International First Nations Exchange 

3.     National Indigenous Dance Forum

4.     Capacity building and skill development 

5.    Performing Country

6.    Digital Platform

7.    First Nations Dance Showcase Series: APAM 2018

8.    Cultural Dance Succession Planning