Different Scenes /// Shared Aesthetics

'Having just partnered in the delivery of the Indigenous residency (Dance Massive), being present with the 9 Indigenous artist who've never been in a room together before, was brilliant but so long overdue. It felt like the start of something that will have impact in many ways, but horrifying that those artists had never had their opportunity before.' Angharad Wynne-Jones Artistic Director Arts House, consortium member Dance Massive.

'The Indigenous residency at Dance Massive 2015 was described by a presenter in New Zealand as a "watershed moment". When I think about Indigenous works that have been presented in Dance Massive, like Dalisa Pigram’s work Gudirr Gudirr in 2013, and this year Vicki Van Hout’s work Long Grass, the commentary from presenters around these works, particularly Vicki’s work, reflected their lack of context. They had questions like "how does it translate internationally?" The more full length Indigenous works in Dance Massive, the more they make sense and the less work we have do to continually try to unpack the colonial lens that people are viewing it through.'

Listen to the entire podcast, or snippets relating to Indigenous dance at these times:

  • 18:15 minutes to 30:45
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  • 57: 35 minutes
  • 58: 25 minutes to 59:41

Source: http://dancemassive.com.au/program/dance-massive-brunch-talks/ 

Facilitated by Angharad Wynne-Jones, with Paul Selwyn Norton, Katrina Lazarof, Stephanie Lake, Latai Taumoepeau, Merindah Donnelly