What have we done
for our communities? 

Back in 2005 Marilyn Miller, founder of BlakDance, initiated the national meeting in Canberra where over 50 Indigenous dancers discussed the lack of opportunities to showcase talents and the sense of isolation experienced when working. Since then, BlakDance has mentored six trailblazing choreographers and dancers. The personal stories of Gary Lang, Vicki Van Hout, Djakapurra Munyarryun, Dujon Niue, Gail Mabo and Rita Pryce demonstrate the diverse paths our dancers tread to success.

In 2012 BlakDance continued to support mid career choreographers through attendance at APAM and the BlakDance 2012 Showcase. Those artists were; Marilyn Miller, Jacob Boehme, Tammi Gisselle, Rita Pryce, Vicki Van Hout and Albert David.

In 2013 BlakDance continued strategic support with Jacob Boehme, Tami Giselle, Rita Pryce and Gary Lang who participated in an intensive preparatory market development skills program. During Dance Massive they showcased at ‘Beat of the Nation’ in front of a 200+ delegation of national and international presenters.

In 2015 BlakDance delivered key industry event Dana Waranara at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brisbane.

Dana Waranara was a unique national event in two parts:

 -        A one-day Plenary Summit; The BlakDance Summit; held to discuss and set the agenda for the upcoming 2016 National Indigenous Dance Forum. This was an opportunity for the sector to come together, to be heard, and to look to the future.

-        Following the plenary, the three-day Convergence saw 28 choreographers and 21 national presenters and producers, plus five international guests take part in a professional exchange around practice, protocol, choreographic expression, collaboration and transformation.  It identified critical creative development and presentation challenges and opportunities for Indigenous choreographers, and challenged presenters and producers to work more proactively to broaden their understanding and programming horizons.



Amrita Hepi

Deborah Brown

Deon Hastie

Djuki Mala

Dujon Nuie

Eric Avery

Excelsior Dance Group

Frances Rings

Gary Lang

Ian RT Colless

Jacob Boehme

Jo Clancy

Joshua Pether

Katie Leslie

Katina Olsen

Mariaa Randall

Mark Howett (Ochre Dance)

Mark Sheppard

Marilyn Miller

Michael Leslie

Monica Stevens

Pauline Lampton

Rayma Johnson

Rita Pryce

Sermsah Bin Saad

Vicki Van Hout

Waiata Telfer


Angel Place Recital Hall - Anne-Marie Heath

Arts House - Angharad Wynne-Jones

Bathurst Performing Arts Centre - Stephen Champion

Critical Path – Claire Hicks

CarriageWorks – Andrea James and Ali Murphy-Oates 

Country Arts SA - Louisa Norman

Sydney Opera House - Rhoda Roberts

Judith Wright Centre - Ruth Hodgman

Brisbane Festival of Contemporary Dance – Glyn Roberts and Kate Usher

Merrigong Theatre Company - Simon Hinton

Cardinia Shire/Mackay Entertainment & Convention Centre - Mark Fawcett

Sydney Festival - Wesley Enoch

Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts and Culture Centre - Suzanne Fermanis

Gold Coast 2018/CIRCA - Kate Fell

CircuitWest - Ryan Taaffe

Tandanya/Spirit Festival - Angela Flynn      

Northern Rivers Performing Arts - Emily Berry and Mitch King

Brisbane Festival, David, Berthed

Brisbane Powerhouse, Marnie Karmelita

International Guests

Emily Johnson

Michelle Olsen

Judy Harquail

Jack Gray

Meredith Boggia