February 2018

during Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM 2018), Brisbane

For thousands of generations we have cared for the soul of this country. Globally First Peoples are the knowledge bearers and cultural Custodians. The integrity of any arts & cultural conversation begins with us. To truly have a relationship with Australia you need to start with us.

An incredible amount of work has been done since Adelaide 2012 to grow the voice and presence of the First People of this land and others beyond the mere pitch n sell. But, we are just scratching the surface of what’s possible.

Brisbane’s prioritisation of First peoples has been intrinsic to the success of this spectacular event. As Melbourne takes custodianship of this gathering, we invite you to our table to discuss taking this event to the next level of partnership.

As we begin to reimagine this event, we offer this: When we come together what potential is unleashed when we go beyond commerce and honour deep connection? What would an APAM look like where all of us bring our entire selves: ancestry, spirit, culture then work?

Creative Victoria has stated their commitments to First Peoples cultural arts practice. Only WITH us will you to achieve these goals.

Blakfella says “You wanna do the right thing yeh?”
Whitefella says “But of course.
This mob of Blakfellas says “Let’s start right now.”

See you in Naarm.