For over a decade, BlakDance has consistently delivered generative and transformative sector events and has contributed significantly to the development of the small to medium Indigenous dance sector.

BlakDance prioritises independent artists and emerging small to medium companies.

BlakDance works nationally and has a dedicated multiyear program.

We provide managing and producing artist and presenter services and sector advocacy. We design, produce and deliver; Dana Waranara, National Indigenous Dance Forum, BlakDance Presenter Series, Producer Development Program, First Nations Dialogues New York, Global First Nations Exchange and BlakDance Residency Program.



BlakDance Respectful and Relational Process

GROW the sector; to reflect on our actions, remain respectful to our principles, connect with markets and help others do the same

CONNECT with our communities to lay the tracks for them to connect with the market and perform

ENGAGE with our communities to produce events that enables our mob to engage with sector

EXPLORE and help others explore the edges and beyond programming and critical best practice locally and globally

CATCH live dance, interviews and yarns ready to share back to our community

KEEP the catch of our sector and archive, communicate and showcase it in digital, print and web form